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Gino Vallante: Improve Your Communication Skills

· Gino Vallante

Gino Vallante is a real estate professional whose reputation among clients is overwhelmingly-positive. He has years of experience in business, and he is known by clients and fellow industry professionals alike for his communication skills.
If you’d like to improve your professional skills so that, like Gino Vallante is, you might one day be known for your communication, tips like those below are a good place to begin:
• Make Scripts
If you make scripts for different situations, like the small talk that goes into learning about a client, you’ll flow through conversation easier. Include question prompts like asking about a client’s goals and asking for elaboration in your scripts so you always remember to get critical information.
• Don’t Interrupt
Interrupting is obviously negative, but it can be a difficult habit to break. When speaking with a client, don’t try to finish sentences or answer a question before he or she stops talking. Be patient, listen and then speak when the other party has finished.
Finally, read books and attend seminars on communication instead of limiting your research to online tips. This will take you closer to the aptitude of a seasoned businessperson like Gino Vallante.

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