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Gino Vallante: Would You Make a Good Real Estate Agent?

· Gino Vallante,Eugene Vallante

Gino Vallante is a West Coast real estate agent. Gino Vallante has years of experience, countless positive reviews and several transferrable skills from his past careers.

Since entering real estate, Gino Vallante has found his calling. He enjoys his work and is good at what he does. If you think that you’d also make a good real estate agent, points like those below can help you examine your character to decide if you’re right:

·Do You Catch the Details?

An attention to detail with strong organizational skills will help a real estate agent succeed. If you miss the little things and lose client info, you’ll face difficulty in tough markets.

·Are You Tenacious?

A real estate agent must be tenacious – if you aren’t, you’ll struggle to keep up with more determined and persistent competition.

If you ask a seasoned real estate professional like Gino Vallante for a mentorship-like conversation about the field, you can get a better idea about how well you might do. This can be a positive first step for the extensive networking required in real estate.

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